Prepare the Following 3 Things Before Carrying Out the Hajj So You Stay Focused

Carrying out the pilgrimage requires a lot of preparation so that the implementation of the pilgrims knows what to do while in the Holy Land. The Hajj may only be very lively so it must go with careful preparation, including preparing a Hajj tour and taking Hajj packages so that worship can be carried out with focus and fluency.

Pilgrimage usually has a limited quota for every country, especially a country that has many Islamic communities. This aims to provide an opportunity for every country that wants to perform Hajj. So many people wait for years to go to worship. For prospective pilgrims who have registered and received the Hajj quota, do not forget to do some preparations like the following:

– Knowledge of Hajj Knowledge
While waiting for the Hajj queue, you can find new knowledge about the procedure for performing Hajj. You can go to a religious teacher, read a special book on Hajj, and follow the rituals of Hajj are mandatory before departure.

– Prepare Physical and Health
Differences in weather conditions that are sometimes extreme must be watched out. Your country may have a different climate from Saudi Arabia, so it regulates diet, exercise regularly and don’t forget to check health conditions regularly. So when carrying out the pilgrimage, your physical condition is in good condition.

– Prepare the Goods to be carried
At least for regular pilgrims, it takes 40 days to perform the Hajj in the Holy Land. During this time, many items are needed to meet the needs. In order not to carry too much luggage, try applying the right packing tips. For example, rolling clothes rather than folding them normally so that a suitcase can be filled more efficiently. Also, prioritize items that are more important to carry. Can learn from your previous experience and relatives to the Holy Land.

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