5 Vaporizer maintenance tips

Electronic items such as Vapor or vape that we use have age and age determined from their care. If the treatment is bad, just use it, it can be ascertained that the vapor can be damaged quickly. Therefore, if you have a vaporizer that is expensive, you should treat your vapor properly. In the meantime, perhaps you should also take a look at How to Turn Wax into E Liquid .

Vapor care lovingly like caring for your heart will make your vapor stay durable and still look good. This vapor care method is quite easy in the most important way to implement it.

Here are the 5 vapor maintenance tips so it can last longer:

1. Use the original charger or battery.

In using vapor, use a standard charger and battery that has been recommended, because a good charger or battery usually has a cut feature that can protect if there is a short circuit. It is feared that if you use a charger and battery, it will damage your device and harm yourself (explode).

2. Don’t empty the battery

When using vapor for vaping do not let your battery power completely empty until it cannot vaporize the liquid. This can shorten the battery life. We recommend that if you have 15-20% immediately your battery charger.

3. Use an external charger

Actually, you can charge the vapor directly from the USB plug, but you should use an external charger so that your mod vapor stays durable.

4. Don’t charge too long

If you are forced to charge the vapor lag from the mod, don’t take too long. This will make the vaporizer battery break down quickly or drop. We recommend that if your battery is full, immediately remove the charge.

5. Use the right settings

When you coil the coil, you must consider the ohm and voltage of the battery. Adjust the ohm value that you made with your mod and battery resistance. If the ohm value is too small and does not match the battery or mod it will make your vapor heat up quickly and the battery runs out quickly.