Stay calm and relax during your first flight

On the plane, you will be asked to turn off the cell phone so as not to interfere with the aircraft navigation system. In addition, you will be asked to wear a seat belt as instructed. Pay attention to flight safety demos demonstrated by cabin crew. To reduce ear pressure when the plane takes off, eat sweets or swallow frequently. Maybe at first, you will feel less comfortable, but when the plane has flown normally, it doesn’t feel much different from taking a train, really. Sit relaxed while enjoying the view. On the other hand, you may need to call the trusted Bangkok Airport Transfer when you’ve landed in Bangkok safely.

After your long flight is almost complete, when the plane is landing, fasten the seatbelt and hold the seat back. However, you need to stay calm.

When you want to land, about 15 minutes beforehand you will be notified via the speaker by the pilot. Do not be surprised, sometimes the plane circulates first in the air before landing, the most common cause is a problem of bad weather or not allowed by the airport to go down.

Again, do not activate any electronic device until the plane stops completely and you enter the terminal. Remove the seat belt if the plane stops completely and the seat belt sign is turned off. After that, you can pick up a bag in the cabin.