The importance of supply chain for delivery services

If we talk about supply chains, in general the processes involved include how to manage goods, make plans, determine the source of goods, carry out the production process, deliver and also relate to returning goods. Experts stated that in fact our supply chain is currently a competitive advantage for companies that successfully run it. In terms of competition between companies of courier philippines, he is also obliged to compete in the strength of their respective supply chain networks.


Furthermore, experts stated that the main challenge of the business activists is how to be able to deliver consumer value goods quickly precisely even if necessary at an increasingly affordable price. To be able to bring success to this business, the supply chain plays the role of a media that can increase consumer confidence in the services we offer.

What to do?

Currently business owners need to focus on the speed of service. What they offer. The speed problem must also be juxtaposed with some aspects that we discussed earlier.

If we want to be competitive and have added value, that is the correct speed, low cost, no wrong shipping, undamaged goods, and low cost.

If you look at the real example at this time, there are many companies in the introductory field between those that increasingly strengthen the supply coast. For example, such as JNE and Tiki, which are increasingly expanding their business in several other fields or delivering special items such as ASI products. besides that there is also the national post company which also does not want to sink into competition by offering a more fresh service concept in terms of infrastructure and systems and employees.

This is clear evidence that competition drums between companies have been beaten. And once again, what must be carried out by a delivery service company that is new or has been operating for a long time is by focusing on seeking innovation.