What Are SEO Mistakes that Everyone Should Avoid?

There are some of the Most Fatal Mistakes in Implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which are often practiced in site optimization. These errors usually look simple but still fundamental. And making the site useless and having a very slow response rate in ranking on search sites. When it comes to implementing SEO technique for your digital marketing, especially if you work with trusted company or professional, New York SEO Company – Charles Brian International, for instance, make sure you will avoid these SEO mistakes.

1. Buy a Backlink

This practice is often done and seems to have been successfully implemented in the past. However, the benefits do not last long. And now the search engine algorithm continues to strive to eradicate this behavior and the practice of buying and selling Backlinks. For lay visitors, it is difficult to detect the link or backlink that was purchased. Namu pattern patterns that make no sense will still arouse Google’s suspicion. In essence, with the search engine Algorithm that continues to update, the bad practice of this SEO model will actually make the site worse.

2. Focus on Quantity, Forgot Quality

Both are too focused on quantity or the number of links rather than quality. One of the biggest mistakes made by bloggers is that it is too ambitious to collect as many backlinks without checking the quality of the link. There is one simple logic that an SEO expert and Backlink have said, like this: If your site gets backlinks from negative sites, your site is considered negative, and vice versa. So start checking carefully the quality of your site’s backing.

Double Content

Fourth, you must pay attention to the danger of duplicate content. In many cases, bloggers tend to recycle their content, often we find the same article on a different web. with the same link to one parent web. If you have a tendency to implement this step, the sender will quickly fall. Why? Because Google will skip non-original content.