First Step to Choose A Hair Model : Loo at Your Face Shape

Want to find a haircut reference? You are in the right place because will explain hair models that are suitable for women, especially black women. For those of you who are black women, you don’t need to worry about choosing a hairstyle. Actually, everyone is free to choose their own hairstyle. However, it is necessary to remember that when you are free to choose, that does not mean that your choice is the most appropriate and suitable for you. It could be that your hairstyle now actually makes your face’s aura does not come out to the maximum.


Don’t let your aura that should be sparkling instead dims due to improper choice of hairstyle. You need to find out how appropriate and appropriate in arranging your crown according to the shape of the face. Don’t hesitate and be shy to accentuate the unique corners on your face. Do not even cover up the uniqueness of your beautiful face.

The first step in determining a woman’s hairstyle according to the shape of the face is to determine what your face pattern is. You can estimate it in a mirror. In addition, you can selfie or see photos of yourself in the gallery or photo album. Start mirroring or selfie without a smile. First, observe your face in the most natural state. Then observe the forehead, cheeks, and jaw to find out if your face is round, oval, square, diamond or heart.

After that, you can try a few words to find out the variation in your face. Try smiling or talking in front of a mirror. Mimics are not very important, but it is also necessary because it will affect the change in the face. After knowing the structure of the face, it is time to determine a woman’s hair model according to the shape of the face. By knowing the desired picture, you don’t need to be confused anymore when you come to the salon. You can also consult salon staff to get the right hairstyle. But if you are comfortable with your own choice, you don’t need to hesitate to say it.