What Did You Know About the Ingredients of E-juice?

As we know, today vape has undergone a lot of development that can be considered quite rapid and is also a debate in some countries. Many people have managed to stop smoking thanks to the use of Turn Wax into E Juice vape or electric cigarettes. So, not just a lifestyle, this vape is also useful as a tool to keep us from the danger of consuming tobacco cigarettes.

As the vaping gains popularity, many individuals are now familiar with the term in a liquid bottle is a flavor for your vape. The term is the term VG, PG, Taste and also Nicotine in the liquid. In general, in liquid bottle packaging that is used, there is a text that shows what percentage of ingredients are VG, PG, and nicotine the liquid contains. In general, the composition of the content is 70% VG, 30% PG, and 3 mg Nicotine. Well, maybe many of us especially for vapers who still do not understand about the ingredients. And surely there are still many who are curious, please note the ingredients.

The liquid is a combination of special liquid found in an electric cigarette liquid tank (cartridge) which will be heated to produce steam. The refillable liquid has a variety of flavors and aromas that can be adjusted to the preferences of the user. Usually, there are a number of liquid flavors, ranging from juicy and creamy ones.

In the juicy liquid, it usually has a flavor that is identical to fresh things, such as fruits and also the taste of the types of drinks. As for liquid with a creamy taste, it usually has a taste related to sweet foods such as the taste-flavor of the cake. The size of the liquid circulating on the market usually has as much as 30 to 100ml in each bottle depending on the packaging.