Consider The Body Shape When Choosing The Clothes

Clothing models and the ideal color of clothes, of course, differ between women with small postures with large posture women. Most women have smaller bone and muscle mass compared to men, therefore many women have small bodies, especially for those who are of Indonesian origin. There are several things that must be considered when choosing work clothes for this tiny body, the first is to choose women’s clothes for work that matches the size of the body. The ideal T-shirt like the comfy top for women ones who are too big and long to the knees will make our body feel drowned.

If you have a fat body, you can consider these tips. wearing a dark T-shirt. Dark-colored clothing tends to disguise body shape, making our body look slimmer. In addition, the right clothing selection can also be done to disguise body shape. One of the techniques used to disguise body shape is to give a higher impression.