Useful tips for choosing the excellent building materials

One important step in the development process is choosing building materials. The selected building material will affect the overall quality of the building. If you work as an architect, then you are responsible for determining the best building materials for the designs that have been made. If you work as a contractor, then you can help provide quality building material recommendations for the project being handled. In connection with the selection of building materials, here are 7 tips on choosing building materials for quality results. On the other hand, you may also want to check out the experienced fix slab foundation service company near you.

Tips on choosing sand

Sand is an important requirement in the development process. Good quality sand is characterized by low sludge content or has a sludge content of less than 5%. Mud mixed with sand will make cement and sand bonds become weak.

Marking quality sand is easy. Just take a handful of sand and hold it firmly enough. Good sand will feel sharp in the palm of the hand. In addition, sand will not clot. Generally good quality sand comes from rivers and lakes whose upstream part is at the top of the volcano. The sand is none other than erupted volcanic material. In the rainy season, sand from the top of the volcano will go down with the flow of water. Therefore, in the rainy season it is quite easy to get clean, quality sand.

Tips for choosing stones for foundation

A very good type of stone for the foundation is a type of split stone. Split stone is the result of a large round stone. This split stone is in the form of black stone and brownish white stone. Split stones are usually obtained from areas around active volcanoes or hills.

For the needs of building foundations, split stone is very appropriate to use because the shape of the splits will grip each other firmly with each other. Unlike the round stone, the use of round stones for foundation has the disadvantage of lack of grip due to its round shape.

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